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  • Sell your house without showings or hassles
  • No need to do any repairs
  • Pick your own closing date - as soon as 7 days
  • Consider our optional lease back program
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Sell to ResiBuys

We offer a fair price and a quick closing. We help you every step of the way of the sales process and make sure that the sale of your home is handled smoothly and professionally.

We offer you a fair "as-is" price for your home and if you agree to the price we draw up a contract. We are a licensed real estate broker so we use the standard state real estate agent contract. We then inspect the house for major/structural issues and if all is good, we can close. We walk you through the process with our closing attorney and help you with everything you need to close and get your money.

ResiBuys is a division of ResiAmerica. We are direct homebuyers that renovate homes and either resell or rent them.

No. We are a licensed real estate brokerage and we will assist you with all of the closing process. You will not have to pay a sales commission because we are not acting as a middle-man.

No. We cover all closing costs. The price we are offering is the net amount you would receive, before paying off your loan or any other liens on the house.

We will perform renovations and remodeling, and then will either rent the home or sell it to a retail buyer. We expect to make a reasonable profit for our work.

Most of our competitors are “Wholesalers”. Wholesalers won’t actually buy your home. They will have you sign a contract that allows them to sell your home to a REAL buyer, such as ResiBuys. If they can’t sell your home within 10 days, the contract is void and you are back to square one. Choosing ResiBuys first eliminates the middle man and puts real money in your pocket sooner and reliably.

Yes! We have a program where you can sell your home to us right ow and then we will lease it back to you for as long as you need for market rate rent.

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